The Creator Key

To unlock PREMINT's premium set of Creator features, you must own the PREMINT Creator Key.

Creator Keys are not transferrable or resellable after purchase. They should only be purchased from this website.

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Unlock incredible features and build an effective list

Some of the best creators in the NFT ecosystem have launched on PREMINT, including XCOPY, VeeFriends, Moonbirds, and many, many more. Join them by unlocking these features with the Creator Key.

Require NFT Ownership

Only let people join your list who are current holders of a specific NFT collection.

Require Twitter Follow

Require a user to verify their Twitter account or follow your account.

Minimum ETH Balance

Check to make sure the user has enough ETH to afford the mint.

Discord Membership

Require that a user is in a certain server, has a specific role, and/or joined your server by a certain date.


Fight bots with the industry standard reCAPTCHA experience.

Custom Field

You can ask users to fill out a custom field (500 character max) with each entry.


Randomly pick winners using PREMINT raffle system.


Get access to all your data through a custom API endpoint for your project.


Set up custom links for any community you want to offer access list spots to.

Frequently Asked Questions

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